Toy Vault, Inc.


— <Incoming transmission from the planet Frodiss III> …Calling all intergalactic entrepreneurs!  Toy Vault has a new mission for you, so grab your helmets and get ready for an exhilarating voyage!…


Today, Toy Vault, Inc., officially releases “Starship Merchants”!  This absorbing new board game was assembled with the combined creative talents of two celebrated game designers—Tom Lehmann (Race for the Galaxy) and Joseph Huber, and a team of artists including Chris Quilliams, winner of the 2011 Golden Geek Award for “Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation”.


The year is 4049.  Strange planets and star-systems are now vastly colonized, creating an intergalactic need for various life-sustaining resources.  As a burgeoning entrepreneur, this is your chance to earn a fortune as a Starship Merchant!


Your objective:  Collect resources, including the mineral Ice-9 (which facilitates the flow of life-giving water on the barren planets), crystallized Cobalt (an incredibly strong building material), and Deuterium fragments (each of which can power a budding city for a month) in order to earn a mountain of credits.


Your strategy:  Build and grow a successful interstellar business by buying starships, exploring the galaxy, mining the precious resources, and delivering cargo.


At your disposal:  An astonishing, full-color 16” x 16” game board divided into 4 quadrants (the Shipyard, the Market, the Belt, and the Dock), 16 remarkable starship console player mats, 4 plastic rocket ship player pawns, over 80 cards (including 11 distinctive pilot cards, 18 unique destination cards, and 20 starship cards), 150 tokens (for your add-on gear and the resources you mine), and much more!

Players travel clockwise around the four quadrants on the board.  Will you expand your empire by purchasing new equipment at the Shipyard or the Market?  Will you choose to run your fleet of starships to pick up mines and blast off to new destinations in the Belt?  The pay-off comes when you deliver cargo and earn credits at the Dock, then start a new business cycle to do it all again.  At the end of the final run, the Starship Merchant with the most credits wins!

The game accommodates 2-4 players and runs approximately 90 minutes.  “Starship Merchants” is available now at a suggested retail price of $34.99. 


You must choose wisely, Starship Merchant, in order to beat your clever competition.  Should you purchase the latest, state-of-the-art gadgets to add onto your ship, or invest in more material refineries?  Hire the sultry Celeste Ranger or trust the quirky alien Zip Washbu to pilot your ship?  Will you make delivery runs to the spooky underbelly of the prison planet Carceris or to the glamorous luxury planet Le Monde Nouveau? 


Suit up, space adventurers!  The countdown is over!  A whole galaxy is waiting to be discovered in Toy Vault's “Starship Merchants”!  Over and out!  <End Transmission>

Written by Tony Smith — August 14, 2012