Toy Vault, Inc.

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About Toy Vault, Inc.
Toy Vault, Inc, founded in 1998, designs and manufactures high quality products for the toy, game, and novelty market.  Toy Vault has an aggressive design and product-research department that consistently provides the newest and hottest-selling products within the industry.  The company utilizes a highly skilled sales force to penetrate all levels of retail.

Toy Vault’s key strengths include the ability to deliver a competitive product while maintaining high quality, flexibility and expertise in tailoring product to individual retailers large and small, and the ability to create unique and compelling designs.

After their initial foray into action figures, Toy Vault grew to be a well-respected producer of collectable plushes.  Most known for their unique plush take on Cthulhu, Toy Vault has since gone on to produce popular plushes from various licenses, including Godzilla, Monty Python, and Jim Henson's "Dark Crystal" and "The Labyrinth".

More recently, Toy Vault extended their reach into board games, partnering with legendary game developer Richard Borg for "Abaddon", and well-known designers Tom Lehmann ("Starship Merchants") and Richard H. Berg ("Godzilla: Kaiju World Wars").

Since their foundation, Toy Vault has fostered a sincere love of everything they produce.  The creative team behind all of Toy Vault's products possess a genuine enthusiasm and love for what they create, and aspire to continue to design and produce toys, games, and novelty items that fans young and old will forever treasure.